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Introduction and practical application of the limit switch

Limit Switch

  Means in order to protect the built-in limit switch micro switch from external damage, water, oil, dust and gases, but the switch assembly within the housing, and more suitable for the mechanical strength and environmental adaptability have special requirements place. Shape roughly divided into horizontal type, vertical type and complex type.

Limit switch sub-working limit switch and limit switches, limit switches are used to give the work place signal role of institutional action. Role limit switch is designed to prevent the agency action beyond the scope of the accident. Limit switches mounted on the body of work need to change the position of working conditions, after switching signal is given, perform other related actions. Limit switch mounted on the body movements of the most distant, to protect the body movements appear relatively large body damage.

  Limit Switch Features:

1. Easy installation

2. rugged beauty

3. Simple

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