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    Water separator series products
    Water mixing system
    About Us
    Taizhou Haochuan Valve Co. Ltd. is located in Yuhuan-the hometown and purchasing base of copper valve and plumbing. The transportation is very convenient here, and environment is beautiful.
    Taizhou Haochuan Plumbing Co.,Ltd devotes to the developing and selling of stainless steel water separator, temperature control system, valves, pipe fittings, ball valves and angle valves. With years of technical experiences...

    State Administration of Quality Products
    Our products passed "national ceramic and sanitary ware detection of quality supervision and inspection center", quality is in line with national standards.
    304 stainless steel
    304 material, more excellent quality, even a detail of the screws are stainless steel.
    Sealing ring EPDM
    The EPDM sealing ring has the advantages of: ozone resistance, good weather resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation
    Application of pressure
    Convenient adjustment
    Product specifications can take over from: Ф16/20,Special specifications can be customized.
    CNC machining center
    According to the forming characteristics of water separator is irregular, Haochuan according to its characteristics, use of CNC machine tools ...
    Applicable temperature
    The product can ensure the use in 30 degrees below zero to 80 degrees.
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